Friday, April 8, 2011


·         The Crew will NOT be having a regular meeting this coming Friday (April 15th)

·         Our Crew will be at Hagan Sea Base next weekend (April 15-17th) Since GCS have an early release day next Friday, we will be meeting at IHM Church parking lot to leave at 4 PM.
o   Training (VLSC)
o   Canoeing
o   Geocaching/orienteering on water.
o   Skills training in preparation for (Davy Jones Rendezvous) Crews competitions.
o   Having FUN and a great time

·         Not a current member of our Crew? … and would like to attend our upcoming trip? Please contact us : or {336-549-2993}ASAP (by Sunday, April 10th).

{If you are not currently a member of our Crew, then someone has invited you and thinks you may enjoy the Venturing ADVENTURE—}

To be eligible to join our Venture Crew :: You are a teen (male or female) and must be at least 13 1/2 (or graduated from the 8th grade) and not yet 20 years old. 

Invite your friends to visit!

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