Monday, March 28, 2011

Venturing Crew 7016 Meeting


        WHEN -        Friday - April 1st,  2011

         TIME -          6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

         WHERE -     IHM CHURCH (Picnic Pavilion)
WHY -         A lot of items to cover -
{If this is your first visit to our website, then someone has invited you and thinks you may enjoy the Venturing ADVENTURE-- JOIN us at THIS upcoming meeting!}  

To be eligible to join our Venture Crew :: You are a teen (male or female) and must be at least 13 1/2 (or graduated from the 8th grade) and not yet 20 years old. 

Invite your friends to visit!

Items that need to be covered at this meeting-
  • Final Planning (food, activities, etc...) on Upcoming VLSC/ Canoe Camping Outing April 15th-17th. If plan to attend this campout, you need to attend this meeting...
  • Upcoming Merit Badge College Information Review
  • By-Laws Review.
  •  SSC on the past March Campout
  • Quick and easy service project at IHM Church (about 45 minutes) Satisfies service hours requirement.
  •  Review of Bronze award requirements completed to date.
  • Sheetz Fundraiser Coupon Booklet handouts.

* Any Questions? Contact- or Crew Advisor - Geno Iorio or  336-549-2993

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