How Much Does Venturing Cost?..

Great Question-

There are no surprises.  

All costs to run your Crew are itemized. 

A youth member (with the assistance of an adult) will keep the books (be the Treasurer)

Annual CREW 7016 Dues are $ 36.00 per year (2015), substantially lower than $60-$100 usually charged by most Boy scout & Girl scout troops.

What about the events and super-outings? 

Unlike a typical troop outing where before each outing - parents may have to scramble to come up with more (and more) money for their youth to participate; the major CREW events are all preplanned and budgeted (by the Crew members) - 

For example - the Crew decided to go on a Winter Campout in March 2011.The cost had been budgeted (by the Crew members) to be $18.00 per participant - A car wash at Waterworks-Battlegournd Fundraiser had been scheduled for Saturday, February 26th to pay for this outing.

Another example: The Crew had decided on a METRO-TREK to Atlanta, GA in July - the all-inclusive budget was determined at the Crew Teen retreat in January, 2011, Since the event is preplanned months in advance, the youth are putting together the specific fund-raising (discount cards, car washes, yard sale, etc..) activity needed for this specific event.

Minimal out-of-pocket expense!, Hopefully... All the crew members that went on this expensive outing ($250./person) were able to go without any money needed from their parents!

How much will our Crew cost? You as a member, decide...