Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Crew Outing November 17th, 2012

WHAT: Crew Outing

WHY: To continue our sailing initiative and service work on Seabreeze.

WHEN:  Saturday, November 17th,  8 AM – 8 PM (After discussion with the officers, .. this outing needs to be a day trip only.)
WHERE:  Hagan Sea Base –

COST:  There will be no direct cost charged to the Crew for this outing. Please remember to eat breakfast before arriving at IHM church at 8 AM. Pack a lunch, We may be stopping for dinner at Matt’s favorite place on the way back home (bring money for this meal)The Crew will be providing drinks and snacks.

WHO IS ATTENDING: The count from the last Crew meeting has the following Crew members committed to attending –
Matt, Nicolo, Kelli, Jessie, Lindsey, Olivia, Ellery and Robbie.
If you are not on this list and would like to attend, please let one of the officers or the Crew Adviser know ASAP. Remember, adults are always welcome to attend! We DO need an additional adult to drive for this outing.

PERMISSION SLIP: Go to the Crew Website (Important Documents LINK)

If for some reason you are not a member of our Crew Facebook group, please join.

As always, feel free to bring guests. (Remember: a teen (male or female) must be at least 13 ½ years old or graduated from 8th grade to join our crew. Can still attend a day outing as a guest if not yet a member of our Crew...